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Invited Talk: Dr. Xinsheng Lou

March 10 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The talk will be about model predictive control which is a powerful control technique that is widely used in the process industries. A control strategy uses mathematical models of a process to predict future behavior and optimize control actions. The technique is particularly useful for controlling complex, dynamic systems, and has been applied in many different areas such as chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering. In this seminar, Dr. Lou will cover the principles of model predictive control and provide practical examples of its application in Chemical Looping process (CL). He will also discuss the benefits and limitations of the technique, and provide guidance on how to design and implement a model predictive control system. Whether you are an engineer, researcher, or student, this seminar will provide you with valuable insights into the use of model predictive control. Dr. Lou will also Share guidelines for students for how to get prepared for working as an controls engineer in the industries after graduating from ECE. The seminar will be held on hybrid format and we encourage you to attend, and take the first step towards preparing yourself for a successful career as a controls engineer in the industries. Room: Room 301, Bldg: ITE Building, 371 Fairfield Way, Storrs, Connecticut, United States, 06268