Meet – Up at MakerspaceCT

A tour, and planning meeting at MakerspaceCT followed by a social hour(s) at City Steam Brewery.  Free street parking after 6pm! The Makerspace and Brewery are on the same block! The entrance to the Makerspace is on Talcott Street across from the Market Street Garage. Agenda: 6-7:30pm: Tour of the MakerspacerCT, and then discussing the… Read more

Tour of Millstone Nuclear Power Station

Join us for a technical tour of Dominion Energy’s Millstone Power Station.  This will be an extensive tour hosted by Dominion and will include all major (accessible) components of the plant plus plant simulators.  Attendees should be prepared for a lengthy (approx 1 mile) walk.  Registration will be limited to 20 members, please register early to… Read more

Python Applications for Digital Design and Signal Processing

Co-sponsored by: Peter J. Kootsookos / Amalia Rusu This is a bring-your-own laptop, hands-on course in the popular and powerful open source Python programming language. Dan provides simple, straight-forward navigation through the multiple configurations and options, providing a best-practices approach for quickly getting up to speed using Python for solving signal processing challenges. Students will… Read more